A professionally designed campaign and incentive prize draw for your business and employees to reduce car use and increase sustainability

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1dayaweek is the ground-breaking behavioural change campaign that gives you real, cost-saving solutions to congestion, parking pressures and site accessibility.

You get advice and support from experienced travel planners to help your business or development get the most from a better way of travelling.
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It’s time for a change

The decision to prioritise car travel is out of date – it’s damaging the economy. It’s damaging the environment. And it could be damaging your business. 

We think it’s time for a change – here’s a few reasons why:

  • 29% of adults are now obese
  • 1 in 6 people suffer from depression
  • Road transport is the biggest cause of pollution
  • Traffic levels could grow by 43% by 2050
  • 67% of workers travel to work by car

But change is hard, right?

Not with 1dayaweek.

  • Real incentives – our big cash prizes get even the most ardent driver out of their cars
  • Co created campaign – designed by car drivers for car drivers
  • Social norms and peer learning – our campaign is designed so friends encourage friends

Knowing we need to change but not knowing how is frustrating. This impacts on our performance, health and well-being. If it’s your employees that are feeling this frustration, productivity naturally falls affecting your organisation’s outputs.

We make reducing car use easy

1dayaweek is a positive behaviour change campaign without judgement or criticism. You get everything you need to run a high quality, eye catching campaign and your employees get an effective and ongoing incentive to leave the car at home

What Our Customers Say

"One of the big ways we can tackle carbon and air pollution is getting people out of their car and travelling more sustainably to the trust, and that’s where 1dayaweek comes in. They help get the word out about the different ways people can get to our sites. It can really help the trust to reduce our contribution to air pollution."
Adam Newman
Sustainability Manager, Leeds Teaching Hospital
"We have introduced the 1DAW branding, messages and promotional activity on a rolling basis since May 2019 at our Salford Care Organisation. Even from these early stages we are seeing good awareness of 1DAW and the positive message it brings. Our existing active and sustainable travellers are feeling more empowered and act as our informal champions and we have staff coming back to us asking actively to take part in 1DAW."
Barry Waterhouse
Travel and Access Manager for Northern Care Alliance NHS Group

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1dayaweek at Salford Royal Hospital, Salford.

1dayaweek in Action!

1dayaweek at St James' Hospital, Leeds.

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We are delighted that Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust have decided to extend their 1dayaweek membership!

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