Too many staff driving to work?

Cars very close together moving slowly

Need to reduce your organisation's carbon emissions?


Want to help your workforce improve their physical health and mental wellbeing?

Woman cycling

Leave the car at home. Post selfie with hashtag #my1daw. Win big prizes!

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1dayaweek is a ground-breaking behavioural change campaign. It gives you real, cost-saving solutions to congestion, parking pressures and site accessibility.

The campaign’s effectiveness lies in its powerful incentives and the positive, inspirational support it provides. Our community, made up of our amazing 1dayaweekers, inspire others to leave the car at home.

Members get an amazing promotional pack and a big monthly prize draw to incentivise your target audience to drive less.

You’ll also get advice and support from experienced travel planners to help your businesses or developments get the most from a better way of travelling.

800car trips savedOver 400 entries received meaning around 800 car trips were removed from the road.
40individual winnersMore than 40 individual prize winners to date.
£5000awarded in prizesOver £5000 in prizes won by individuals.
  • Register Register your organisation’s details and we’ll get in touch. It only takes a few minutes to subscribe to the right 1dayaweek package for you.
  • Promote Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive your innovative and comprehensive promotion pack and you’ll be ready to start your 1dayaweek journey.
  • Launch Once you’ve received all the information and materials, it’s time to get going!