1dayaweek is a positive behavioural change campaign without judgement or criticism. You and your employees get the proper information and ongoing support you need to have a positive travel experience.

Your success is measured in the behavioural, productivity and happiness changes experienced by your employees. And because you’ll find making behavioural changes as effortless as possible, you’ll have more time to focus on your business.

Take a look below at some of our success stories.

Salford Royal NHS Trust


The Trust employs around 7,000 staff and over 60% of them driving to work that requires a lot of parking.

As an employer, they were already incredibly active before 1dayaweek got involved through their Parking and Sustainable Travel Manager who was working hard to encourage reductions in car use. However, with a growing number of visitors and staff they needed an effective driver friendly solution and became a 1dayaweek member in April 2019.

Salford Royal NHS Trust saw 11% of staff who drive to work commit to 1dayaweek.


A soupcon of monitoring established baseline rates and then we began with the promotional campaign.

We wanted to blow staff socks off, so Salford went big with an amazing 1dayaweek staff event that featured a string quartet, delicious cakes, giveaways and over 50 staff making a pledge to do their 1dayaweek.

Feedback was really positive, and we extended the messaging campaign across the site with branded giveaways were hand delivered to every staff room to ensure we reached as many staff as possible.

Staff won prizes, we filmed staff commuting stories and shared far and wide.  It wasn’t all plain sailing. Staff just weren’t ready to embrace the Car Share Karaoke Competition, so we went in a different direction and gave more prizes away instead! Staff certainly embraced that.

Our amazing Friends at Firstbeat helped us conduct a heartrate variability study on the difference in stress levels between a car and non-car commute and the results gave us another great story to tell driving staff. We had lots of interaction on social media and the 1dayaweek branding takes pride of place across the site.


We wrapped up with a bit of monitoring and discovered that 11% of staff who drove to work committed to not driving 1dayaweek and 100% of staff surveyed said that they were aware of 1dayaweek and its aims.

Leeds NHS Teaching Hospital


A glorious collaboration between our good selves, Leeds City Council, NHS Digital, Yorkshire Ambulance Trust and Leeds NHS Teaching Hospital Trust (It wouldn’t make a good band name) saw 1dayaweek head over the Pennines to reduce traffic and make people smile in super Leeds. 

Our mission, which we accepted (obviously) was to reduce driving mileage amongst staff to make the air sweet to breathe. 20,000 staff across several organisations was a heck of a job but we were up for the challenge.


You’ve cant beat a bit of baseline data so we opened with a bit of monitoring which showed single car occupancy increasing year on year.

We started to spread the word through internal comms making use of VDUs, intranet, wall and floor vinyls. All this was lead us nicely to the 1dayaweek Launch Event.

Live music, competitions and freebies got the staff quivering with excitement plus we invited our friends from First Bus, Firstbeat, Northern Rail, Up and Running, Evans Cycles…you name it the big guns were there. Encouraging and advising on everything from running shoes and e bikes to public transport tickets and train times, we had every question covered.


Weekly events offering branded materials and 1-1 travel planning advice have so far proved popular and staff have already won thousands of pounds of prizes through the 1dayaweek Monthly Prize Draw.

We secured 20% discount with Up and Running for staff to encourage more staff to #runcommute and lots of lovely vouchers from Evans Cycles. With Covid-19 forcing many staff to Work from Home we ran a WFH picture Competition to help improve morale a little. At the time of writing there are several months to go, and we are so excited about the surprises we have in store for staff. Thousands of pounds in prizes are waiting to be won and some innovative promotional campaigns are waiting in the wings.

When’s Your 1dayaweek?