Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look below at our frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question isn’t below, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Us page.

So, what’s this 1dayaweek all about then?

1dayaweek is a club and a campaign that incentivises and encourages people who use their car every day to work, school or a site to make small reductions in the amount they drive.

Who the heck is it for?

Businesses, schools, business parks, residential areas, town centres, Anywhere, that people regularly drive to and where car use is creating a negative impact. At the moment we are concentrating on businesses but we will be launching our 1dayaweek School Club soon.  

Why are you only encouraging people to reduce by 1dayaweek? Why not 5daysaweek?

Cars are really helpful, convenient and popular. They’re not going away any time soon.  Suddenly stopping using your car completely, when you use it all the time is difficult, and for many, inconceivable. Change is hard for human beings and it needs a few different things to make it happen. The way to create lasting change is to smart small and grow from there.  

Doesn’t seem like enough to me!

Slowly slowly catchy monkey! People aren’t binary, we don’t like to make big leaps so it’s better do things in small, palatable steps and build enthusiasm. During the school holidays it feels like half the traffic has vanished but it has only dropped by around 8%-10%. We don’t need big reductions to start feeling big benefits.  

Interesting. How does 1dayaweek work then?

  1. Decide between 6 or 12 months membership;
  2. Contact us via the contact us or email for more information;
  3. We will send out your 1dayaweek Promotion Pack;
  4. Promote, promote, promote;
  5. Drivers leave their car at home, they post on social media using the hashtag; #my1DAW and automatically go into that months draw to win amazing prizes;
  6. If you have a winner, celebrate with them, spread the word and encourage them to gloat with their prize;
  7. Colleagues see how easy it is and start to leave the car at home as they too, want to win prizes simply for commuting to work.

What is included in my membership?

  • 6 or 12 months entry for your staff into the 1dayaweek monthly prize draw
  • Step by step guide making it simple and easy for you promote 1dayaweek
  • All email communications prewritten. You just need to click send.
  • 3 1dayaweek pull up banners with key messaging and information on the prize draw
  • 1 car park banner with a key message
  • 1DAW pens
  • 1dayaweek leaflets
  • 10 1dayaweek hoodies for prizes
  • Full suite of 1dayaweek digital promotional material – including intranet banners, supporting messaging, animations and videos for internal visual display units and intranet
  • Your staff travel activities shown and any monthly winners announced on 1dayaweek social media channels
  • Offers and promotions for staff from selected partners – including
  • British Cycling* and Up and Running*, Stagecoach and Northern Railway* (*These are subject to change)
  • Annual 1dayaweek staff awards
  • 1dayweek digital newsletter to all staff with tips and travel advice – on introduction and then every 3 months

Can I add more to my promotional pack?

Yes, at anytime. We have loads of fantastic additional promotional items that can be purchased. If there is something particular you want, you can’t see in our list then we can provide a quote for you. Here are some of our most popular items:

  • High profile staff event
  • 1dayaweek branded materials including cakes, bags and coffee cups  
  • 1dayaweek posters
  • 1dayaweek outdoor banners
  • Additional bespoke 1dayaweek videos
  • 1dayaweek wall and floor vinyls
  • 1dayaweek pull up banners
  • 1dayaweek e materials
  • Bespoke messaging and logos to compliment an existing staff campaign

How does the prize draw work?

  • Leave the car at home
  • Take a picture of you travelling sustainably
  • Post on social media and include the hashtag #my1DAW
  • Wait to hear if you have won
  • Terms and conditions apply – see that section on our website.

Can I add more months if our staff like 1dayaweek?

Yes, of course. We hope you love 1dayaweek and want to continue to provide your staff with the motivation to travel sustainably. We will contact you near the end of your membership with the offer to continue our time together.

How do I sign up?

Contact or click the link on the website and we will get your promotional pack out to you immediately so you can start benefitting straight away.

Where do I get more information?

Have a look at our social media channels:

FB – @1dayaweek

Instagram – @1dayaweek_

Twitter – @1dayaweek1

When’s Your 1dayaweek?