About Us

We are Mosodi and we are a highways and transportation company specialising in sustainable travel. 

Based in Manchester and Leeds our clients include the NHS, the Commonwealth Games and Harworth Group PLC. We have over 18 years of experience working in sustainable travel and behaviour change.  

We have designed a cutting edge campaign so you don’t have to and now all our expertise is available to your business or site through 1dayaweek. We work with employers, local planning authorities and developers to advise on travel planning for developers and business’ and deliver the cutting edge 1dayaweek behaviour change campaign wherever congestion, parking pressures and site accessibility are creating a negative impact.

Richard: The big boss man and King of Quality Control. Loves Doves (the band!). Passionate about equality, equity and running. Has a car, walks to work. Isn’t evil. Doesn’t judge others.

Chris: 1dayaweek is Chris’s dream child and he manages the overall programme. If you want to know about 1dayaweek, speak to Chris. Friendly and brimming with joie de vivre, he partakes in a monthly 13 mile walk to work and loves public transport. Genuinely.

Kat: Runs slick 1dayaweek events, can quote a bus timetable like no one else and has more energy than the national grid. Essential when you are running a national campaign like 1dayaweek. Yorkshire through and through. A spade is most definitely a spade.

Steve: The Analyst. The brains behind the operation and ensures that everything we do is backed up by statistics and more damned statistics. The Dumbledore of mapping and site audits, if you’ve got site accessibility issues Steve can unpick them.     

Amy: Events, orders, customer database management, sales and marketing. Likely to be the first voice you hear on the phone. A prize for the first person to identify her accent. She’s done some serious travelling and seriously knows how to cook.

When’s Your 1dayaweek?